Citizens for Constitutional Government Reform – an independent political action comittee

“Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

Citizens for Constitutional Government Reform (CCGR) is dedicated to the restoration of virtue, and the reduction of vice in Washington DC by promoting the Constitutional precepts that the United States was founded on, supporting those candidates that espouse constitutional principles and opposing those candidates who do not support the ideals that this nation was founded on.

The US Constitution, in essence, is a contract between the Federal Government and the Citizens of the United States through the individual State Governments.  The Constitution limits the Federal Government to strictly 17 areas where it is authorized to legislate.  the 18th function of the Federal Government is the ability to do just that.  The 10th Amendment relegates all other powers to the State Governments only.  The Constitution forbids the Federal Government to legislate in any area other than those 18 prescribed areas.

Currently, the Federal Government has enacted laws which infringe on the legislative areas of the States and this is being done without the express consent of the States which makes every such law unconstitutional as the Federal Government has no authority to usurp or exercise these powers.

The same is true for those rights contained within the Bill of Rights (the first 10 Amendments).  It is important to note that these rights were actually not “given” to the Citizens as every Citizen was to be the stewards of freedom.  Rather these rights were written down in order to ensure that the Government could not, under any circumstances, remove or reduce these freedoms.  However, when you look at the rights supposedly guaranteed by the US Constitution as the Federal Government allows them to be exercised, you will find that every single one of those rights, guaranteed to not be infringed, are being limited more and more every day by that same government that is supposed to guarantee these rights.

We, as Sovereign Citizens of the United States of America, need to reclaim these rights by ensuring that any person who will, through their actions and their inactions, allow these rights to be further corroded are opposed at the ballot box and likewise, those who prove that they will guarantee those rights are promoted and, ultimately, elected.

The former group of individuals, we call POLITICIANS.  The latter group are the STATESMEN.

The mission of CCGR is to educate the people and ensure that Statesmen are elected to as many offices as possible.

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